The Diack Family Oregon Ecology Education Program

A Division of Oregon Science Teachers Association

Grant Procedures

The Diack Ecology Education Fund is anxious to support teachers doing field-based science inquiry with grants up to $2000. The online application process is relatively simple. Here are some points to keep in mind when applying to Diack. • Diack wants to support ecology research projects that are primarily student directed. Students should design their projects and their research methods, collect and analyze their data and finally, communicate their results in a research paper, poster or PowerPoint presentation. • Diack grant funds can only be used to purchase equipment needed for these studies – for example, water quality test kits, 100 meter tapes for transects, field guides, digital probes, rubber boots and D-nets for macro collecting. Be specific in describing the requested equipment including the quantity and price. Diack will not fund transportation, staff pay, substitutes or plants for a native garden.

  • Be specific about what the students will do. What sites will the students visit? How many times? What data will they be collecting and how will they collect it? How will they analyze their data? How and to whom will they present their results?
  • Work collaboratively. The maximum grant for one teacher is $2000. Two teachers working together can ask for $4000; three teachers - $6000, which is the max. There are also student grants available (maximum $1500).
  • Grants are accepted at any time. There is no grant cycle.
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