Student  Ecology Project Grants

The Diack Program makes grants so that students can do an ecology project. Students desiring a grant should submit a request in narrative and outline form which:

  1. Names and emails of up to three student(s) that will lead the project.

  2. Name and email of teacher advising the students.

  3. Describes the project objective(s).

  4. Describes how the project will be accomplished. 

  5. Name of school and school address.

  6. Describes the reason(s) for selecting the project.

  7. A letter of recommendation for the project from the teacher, youth leader or resource person.

The following points will be of special interest to the Diack Grant Committee.

Priority elements:

  1. Student(s) have done and will do the planning.

  2. Name and describe the natural or semi-natural site(s) where investigation will occur.

  3. State in detail the question the project will seek to answer.

  4. Outline the tasks and time lines for answering the question.

  5. How will students seek objectivity in the results.

  6. How will the project supplement their current or planned class work.

  7. Planned start and completion dates.

Other elements:

  1. Describe community interest in site or the project.

  2. Will a report of study results be made to a community group/agency?

Grants can be up to $1,500.00.  The following types of things are eligible for grant use:

  1. Consumables used in the project.

  2. Equipment used in the project.

  3. Reference materials used in the project.

  4. Minimum protective clothing needed for project.

Things purchased with  grant funds may be disposed as of follows:

  1. Remaining consumables stay with the school classroom.

  2. Protective clothing with the student or the classroom.

  3. Equipment with the school classroom.

Rules for disbursement:

  1. Grant money will be paid to the school/organization to be use as specified in the application.

  2. The grant will be paid to the school/organization  when the grant is approved.

  3. A report by student(s)  to the Diack program is required 30 days after the time specified in the grant for completion.

  4. A stipend of  $100.00 will be paid to the lead students on submission of a timely and satisfactory report.

Diack Ecology Education Program
A Division of Oregon Science Teachers Association
3715 NE Wistaria Dr.
Portland OR  97212