The Diack Family Oregon Ecology Education Program

A Division of Oregon Science Teachers Association

Steam Comparisons

Paul Breese, Biology Teacher
1135 W. Sixth Ave.
Juction City, OR 97448

After 25 years of teaching, Paul decided to “breathe some real life back into his biology classes.” He never used to have the confidence to take kids outside but then he spent a summer working in the field with Portland State University’s “Teacher in the Woods” program, and he knew he’d never keep his teaching indoors again.

Each year finds Paul and his classes working on mapping and monitoring different stretches of a local stream. This past year, they compared data collected from a stream stretch in a working forest, another flowing through agricultural land and the last in Juction City. Six half-day field trips allow each biology class to test vertebrates as well as survey riparian plants. Data is compared from trip to trip and provided to the cooperating landowners (a logging company and a farmer) as well as the local watershed council.

Paul has so much energy and excitement for this study that he has developed a small group tutorial for advanced Biology students.Beginning gall 2001, these students travel almost daily to the stream sites to collect long-term data. The results of this long-term study will continue to benefit their community, and the real world experiential learning will benefit all of his students for years to come.

What Diack Funded

Water sampling and field survey equipment, field guides

Partnerships and Other Funding Sources
Education Together
Foundation, Junction City, OR
Portland State University,
Teacher in the Woods program Swanson Superior Forest Products, Noti, OR
Hayworth Farms, Harrisburg, OR
NSF ICAN Project, Oregon State University

“First field work done by our high school students in at least 17 years! Research that was meaningful and makes sense to students because they ‘did it.’”- Paul Breese, Juction City High School

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