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Weather & Noxious Weed Study

Jodie Harnden
700 SW Runnion
Pendleton, OR 97801
541 276 4724

Jodie wanted her students to learn about weather and sought help from the National Weather Service in Pendleton. Field trips would not provide the immediate learning experience that would address the subject in depth. A weather station with remote capabilities in the classroom would. Jody wrote up "the simple grant application" on the Diack Program's web-site. Shortly she received an e-mail asking how she might tie the grant application into ecology.

The weather station supported the continuation of previous projects elated to ecology and the environment funded by a TAPESTRY grant. This project then went forward with tracking and comparing weather with weed propagation rates. The weather instruments were placed in a "weather box" provided by the National Weather Service in Pendleton which also provided technical support and access to its weather data. Because of the remote classroom capability of the weather instruments, the class was able to immediately start tracking and changes and recording/graphing their own data. Additionally because Sunrise Middle School was across town from the National Weather Service facility and at the same altitude, the students were able to compare data and determine when there was a difference and search out reasons why a difference in such a short distance.

In this agricultural region weather and the students gain respect because they better understand what the weather reports mean so they can apply the reports to farm planning. Their family's work activity varied with weather and the students gain respect because they better understood what the weather reports meant so it could be applied to farm planning.

What Diack Funded

 The purchase of weather instruments and equipment for a weather station that monitors and records rain, temperature, humidity and air pressure and has remote capabilities so some of the measurement can be monitored in the classroom.

Partnerships and Other Funding Sources
The National Weather Service of Pendleton provided
 the "weather box",
access to its weather data. and technical support.
a TAPESTRY grant funded a noxious plant study.

"Middle School students in particular need to connect what they are doing in their class with real life in their community". In this farm/ranch community where weather is a constant concern studying and tracking weed propagation with weather makes a clear and immediate connection".

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